SMCC Athletics Honors Student-Athletes With Awards Banquet

SMCC Athletics Honors Student-Athletes With Awards Banquet

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine—The Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) Athletics Department held its annual awards banquet on Tuesday, May 7 at the Best Western Merry Manor Inn in celebration of its student-athletes and their many successes throughout the 2018-19 academic year and athletic seasons.

At the event, both SMCC President Joseph Cassidy and SeaWolf Athletic Club President Eric Bruneau made welcome announcements before Assistant Director of Athletics Ethan Wells recognized noteworthy Yankee Small College Conference (YSCC) and United States Athletic Association (USCAA) accomplishments to include:

YSCC Players of the Week (21)

  • Emily Lashua, Softball (Sept. 13)
  • Dylan Francoeur, Baseball (Sept. 13, Oct. 4, Apr. 7 & May 1)
  • Hanssen Casey, Men’s Soccer (Sept. 13)
  • Jessica Haskell, Women’s Soccer (Sept. 20)
  • Camden Labrecque, Men’s Soccer (Sept. 20)
  • Callie O’Brien, Women’s Soccer (Sept. 26 & Oct. 13)
  • Peter Stauber, Baseball (Sept. 26)
  • Patrick Duddy, Men’s Soccer (Oct. 16)
  • Atencio Martin, Men’s Basketball (Dec. 7)
  • Amanda Brett, Women’s Basketball (Dec. 15, Jan. 31, & Feb. 10)
  • Ryan Cloutier, Men’s Basketball (Feb. 10)
  • Sean Adams, Baseball (Apr. 10)
  • Morgan Boyle, Softball (Apr. 26)
  • Iain McGaff, Baseball (Apr. 26)
  • Meranda Martin, Softball (May 1)

YSCC All-Conference Selections (19)

  • Jessica Haskell, Women’s Soccer
  • Emily Harris, Women’s Soccer
  • Callie O’Brien, Women’s Soccer
  • Dana Sirois, Women’s Soccer (Goalkeeper of the Year)
  • Jamal Durrani, Men’s Soccer
  • Hanssen Casey, Men’s Soccer
  • Camden Labrecque, Men’s Soccer (Goalkeeper of the Year)
  • Amanda Brett, Women’s Basketball (1st Team & Player of the Year)
  • Abigail Ramirez, Women’s Basketball (1st Team)
  • Atencio Martin, Men’s Basketball (1st Team & Player of the Year)
  • Ryan Cloutier, Men’s Basketball (1st Team)
  • Dylan Francoeur, Baseball (Pitcher of the Year)
  • Peter Stauber, Baseball
  • Sean Adams, Baseball
  • Cody Bryant, Baseball
  • Stefan Lesco, Baseball
  • Meranda Martin, Softball (Player of the Year & Pitcher of the Year)
  • Morgan Boyle, Softball
  • Sara Ring, Softball

USCAA Players of the Week (11)

  • Jessica Haskell, Women’s Soccer (Sep. 18)
  • Camden Labrecque, Men’s Soccer (Sep. 18 & Oct. 23)
  • Callie O’Brien, Women’s Soccer (Oct. 9)
  • Dana Sirois, Women’s Soccer (Oct. 23)
  • Amanda Brett, Women’s Basketball (Jan. 29 & Feb. 5)
  • Sean Adams, Baseball (Apr. 9)
  • Morgan Boyle, Softball (Apr. 23)
  • Meranda Martin, Softball (Apr. 30)
  • Dylan Francoeur, Baseball (Apr. 30)

USCAA Academic All-Americans (Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, 24 credit hours) (8)

  • Callie O’Brien, Women’s Soccer
  • Sophia Zidow, Women’s Soccer
  • Hanssen Casey, Men’s Soccer
  • Lauryn Fagan, Women’s Basketball
  • Adrianna White, Women’s Basketball
  • Peter Stauber, Baseball
  • Meranda Martin, Softball
  • Cassidy Harriman, Softball

USCAA All-Americans (11)

  • Callie O’Brien, Women’s Soccer (1st Team)
  • Brenna Frye, Women’s Soccer (1st Team)
  • Camden Labrecque, Men’s Soccer (1st Team)
  • Amanda Brett, Women’s Basketball (1st Team)
  • Abigail Ramirez, Women’s Basketball (2nd Team)
  • Atencio Martin, Men’s Basketball (1st Team)
  • Ryan Cloutier, Men’s Basketball (1st Team)
  • Meranda Martin, Softball (1st Team)
  • Morgan Boyle (2nd Team)

*Baseball’s All-American awards will be announced at the USCAA National Tournament banquet in Pennsylvania on Sunday, May 12.

Wells also acknowledged the following USCAA statistical leaders of 2018-19 and program record holders:

  • Dylan Francoeur, Baseball
    • Led USCAA in ERA—1.21
  • Callie O’Brien, Women’s Soccer
    • Set career program record—Goals (32) and Points (69)
  • Abigail Ramirez, Women’s Basketball
    • Set career program record—Steals (174)
  • Meranda Martin, Softball
    • Set career program record—Stolen Bases (77)
  • Sara Ring, Softball
    • Set career program record—RBI (73)

To conclude the ceremony, SMCC Athletics named the recipients of its department awards.

Donald Ferrante Award—Most Improved Athlete (Male and Female)
To the most deserving student-athletes who showed strong traits of determination, improvement, and commitment to their teammates.

Recipients: Noah Watson (Baseball) and Adrianna White (Women’s Basketball)

Carroll Rines Award—Sports Person of the Year (Male and Female)
To the most deserving student-athletes who demonstrated a high level of dedication and commitment to their team and the athletic department overall, image and success are strong factors.

Recipients: Ryan Cloutier (Men’s Basketball) and Callie O’Brien (Women’s Soccer)

Timothy D. Hagerman Scholarship
Given to a returning men’s basketball player who puts his team before himself and is a positive member of the school community.

Recipient: Tyler Clark

John Dakin Award—Outstanding Contribution
Given to a non-student-athlete who gave of their time to promote SMCC Athletics. Someone who volunteered or gave themselves above and beyond what the expectation might have been.

Recipient: Sky Friedland-Farley


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