Dana Sirois: Student-Athlete Spotlight

Dana Sirois: Student-Athlete Spotlight

Written by Bridget Fahey.

SACO, Maine—Dana Sirois is Southern Maine Community College’s (SMCC) female student-athlete spotlight for the month of October— a member of the SeaWolves women’s soccer team. Dana’s love for soccer started at four-years-old when she started playing in a local recreation league—since then she claims, “Soccer has always been there for me."

Dana is studying to become an engineer, but her stay at SMCC will be only one semester as she intends to join the Air Force in the spring and use an engineering degree to work on airplanes one day. A family oriented person, Dana comes from a long-line of military members who support her dream of enlisting—these people she calls her role models. “But for now, SMCC is the perfect place for me,” says Dana.

Being a soccer goal keeper is a tough job, but Dana rises to the challenge. She explains that her position can at times be “stressful” as she is the one standing between the ball and the back of the net. “There are ups and downs, but my team is always there for me in every way possible, we have great chemistry.”

Along with the responsibility of being the goal keeper, Dana holds yet another very important position as “the hype man.” Dana explains to me that she loves to “get crazy before game time.”

‘Driven,’ ‘competitive,’ and ‘outgoing’ are words to describe Dana and each day she thrives to be a better version of herself as a person and an athlete here at SMCC.

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