Jacobee Burpee: Student-Athlete Spotlight

Jacobee Burpee: Student-Athlete Spotlight

Written by Bridget Fahey.

MANCHESTER, N.H.—Jacobee Burpee is Southern Maine Community College’s (SMCC) male student-athlete spotlight for the month of November—point guard of the SeaWolves men's basketball team.

Jacobee has played basketball since he was four-years-old and remembers playing with his Uncle Michael; he says that “[...]Uncle Mike is the one who brought me into playing sports, putting the focus on basketball." Later on, Jacobee explained the gratitude he felt towards his uncle, “he kept me playing and it was extra motivation for me in the classroom—I stayed out of trouble.”

Jacobee is majoring in Business Administration in hopes to make something of himself in the numerous fields it provides for anyone acquiring their B.A. Jacobee plans to earn his Bachelor's degree after his two years here at SMCC—to also continue his playing career wherever he may transfer.

When game day rolls around, Jacobee reminds himself to be the best he can be and to motivate his fellow teammates as a leader on and off the court. Jacobee goes on to say that, “My team comes first, me next."

Jacobee is committed, trustworthy and selfless—as he describes himself. He is confident in his teammates and his abilities. He remains hopeful and excited as the season continues.

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